Another Ex-Girlfriend Spills the Tea on Steven Cheung Cheating on Her and How His Fiancee Threatened Him

Another Ex-Girlfriend Claims She was also a Victim, Spills the Tea about Steven Cheung's Fiancee

This is getting more interesting as someone else has come forward saying she was cheated on by Steven Cheung (張致恒). After he announced his marriage yesterday, his last known ex-girlfriend, April Leung (梁皓恩), claims they were still together two days before he made the announcement. She suffered a big blow and mentioned thoughts of suicide if Steven Cheung didn’t contact her. Now, there seems to be another girl in the mix that claims she was also a victim of Steven Cheung’s philandering ways. She also says there was another girl involved. It’s not quite clear how many girls Steven Cheung was seeing behind everyone’s back.

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This person, only known as Moon, had responded to April Leung’s comment to Steven Cheung’s IG post of his new family. She had said: “He also told me he loved me these past few days. April, please reply to my direct message. You’re not the only victim. Right now, there are two other girls waiting for you.” Later on, she posted this caption on her own account: “You want the whole world to know you’re a good man, but we’ve made the people around us know we are idiots.” The picture accompanied with this caption was the words “See you on Monday.”. Could Moon be hinting at a big news story that will drop on Monday?

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She followed up with a repost of an inspirational post and added this caption: “I really can’t sleep. I really don’t know how many girls have been played by you in circles, being cheated by a serial liar.”

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Many netizens also responded to Moon’s response to April Leung’s comment. Moon even revealed how she got with Steven Cheung after he and April Leung broke up. However, she discovered Steven Cheung was cheating on her, but gave him a few chances and decided to forgive him. Later on, Moon discovered the existence of Steven Cheung’s now fiancee and their baby. Moon also said Steven Cheung tried to explain to her saying his now fiancee was just a one night stand and that the baby was an accident. She claims Steven Cheung told her his fiancee would often use the baby to threaten him. She required Steven Cheung to spend time with her or else she would expose everything to the media.

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Moon said she didn’t know whether to believe Steven Cheung after hearing his explanation, but she was sure his fiancee knew of April’s existence. Even though she knew, she still chose to be the third party between Steven Cheung and April Leung. Moon expressed, “I feel really frightened. How can he be with so many people at once? Cheating one after the other. I really don’t know how many more there are.”

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This has become a full on scandal and has impacted Steven Cheung’s work. EEG announced they shelved the upcoming September concert at the Hong Kong coliseum to commemorate the 16th anniversary debut Boy’z. EEG said the main reason for shelving the concert is that Steven Cheung has a lot of things to handle. Therefore, he won’t be at his best to prepare for the concert and chose to cancel the concert.

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