Kenny Kwan Goes From “Boy’z to Men” in Solo Concert

Kenny Kwan Goes From Boy'z to Men in Solo Concert

Boy’z member, Kenny Kwan, had his life long dream fulfilled when he held his “KENNY is BORN” solo concerts on September 13-14. When Steven Cheung’s cheating scandal was first exposed, EEG issued a statement saying they were canceling the concert. A fews day later, EEG announced they had successfully registered a slot at the Hong Kong Coliseum for Kenny Kwan to have his solo concert. EEG had originally planned to only have one show, but due to the demand, they later added a second one.

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Kenny Kwan has come a long way from his Boy’z days. He has focused his career in mainland China in recent years and has made a name for himself. Kenny Kwan has been working out lately and sure enough he didn’t disappoint concert goers. Even if you don’t know any songs he sang, his body sure enough makes up for it. Kenny Kwan definitely went from “Boy’z to Men.”

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Since this is an EEG concert, all of Kenny Kwan’s guests were his label mates. Joey Yung, Twins, Leo Ku, and his long time rumored boyfriend, Hins Cheung, all attended.

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Kenny Kwan and Hins Cheung shippers finally got to see them on stage. At one point, the audience screamed, “Kiss him!”, “Get Married!”.

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The highlight of the night was during the encore portion. Every artist kissed Kenny Kwan, including, Hins Cheung. Check out the kiss scene at 2:10

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Kenny Kwan also did a dance medley singing other artists’ songs, such as, Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback, Justin’s “Volar”, and Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” As the show progressed, the less clothes Kenny Kwan wore.

Kenny Kwan took every opportunity to show off his abs, while Leo Ku showed his thighs.

For his encore, he talked about Steven Cheung and said he had already forgiven him. He was more disappointed more than anything. He explained Steven Cheung had already called him the second day after the scandal hit to sincerely apologize to him. After that, Kenny Kwan was more worried about how Steven Cheung would face the life ahead of him. He also said the two have a lot of history together and his brother who he would “go through fire and water” for. So for that reason, he chose to sing Boy’z’s song, “Big Boys”.

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Credit: Apple Daily HK, EEG Music IG

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