Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Quitting Showbiz to Become a Real Estate Agent

Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Quitting Showbiz to Become a Real Estate Agent

Ever since the “OnSum Cheating” scandal came to light, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) fled Hong Kong and was last rumored to have left for Los Angeles, California. It was reported she was there to take some courses that were already planned prior to the scandal. Most recently, Jacqueline Wong’s sister, Scarlett Wong (黃心美), spoke to the media and was asked about her sister. However, she didn’t reveal much and wouldn’t divulge on her whereabouts.

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It was initially reported Jacqueline Wong had asked for Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) forgiveness at the time of the scandal. She would contact him everyday, but half a month later, Kenneth Ma supposedly initiated the break up. It’s rumored this was the last straw that made her decide not to come back to Hong Kong, to avoid being ridiculed and pointed the finger at by netizens and also to not have her family implicated in the mess.

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There were some hopes that she might be making a comeback as her series, “Finding Her Voice” (牛下女高音), that was previously taken off the schedule, is now going to be aired on October 7, during the TVB anniversary series golden period. However, when the producer of the series contacted her about the air date, she didn’t respond. Today, there is a rumor circulating that Jacqueline Wong is quitting showbiz for good and becoming a real estate agent in Canada, catering especially to foreigners. Another version of the story says she is staying in Los Angeles. It’s reported she also changed her English name to “Rachel” in hopes of starting anew.

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Scarlett Wong uploaded an IG story today as she was bombarded with comments and questions about her sister’s rumors. She simply said: “To everything ‘No comment. Thank you for your concern.'”

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Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Quitting Showbiz to Become a Real Estate Agent

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She also made a post yesterday saying: “Hey, I don’t know in your mouths how many versions of me exist. Anyway, you’ll still say what you’re going to say. I will live my life.”

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