Jacqueline Wong Updates Instagram for the First Time Since “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

Jacqueline Wong Updates Instagram for the First Time Since "OnSum Cheating" Scandal

Ever since Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) got embroiled in the cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安), she left Hong Kong and hasn’t updated social media. Netizens and the media have been anxious to know what she has been up to due to the plethora of rumors surrounding her whereabouts. She finally updated her Instagram today, almost 7 months after the “OnSum Cheating” scandal was exposed.

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In her post, she wrote, “Finding Her Voice” (牛下女高音) experienced being taken off the schedule, rumored to be reshot, later it was decided not to be reshot, in the end, it became an anniversary series. I have so many emotions. Besides from being really happy due to the series being able to air in its original form, the biggest feeling I’ve had in my heart has been, ‘I am very scared’: I am very scared the series results would be impacted because of me. I am vey scared it would waste everyone’s efforts…there are only 5 episodes left. I sincerely thank everyone who made it possible for “Finding Her Voice” to air. I also have to thank you guys who are watching. I have to give even more thanks to the cast and crew for their understanding. Hope everything will be well for everyone.”

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The last time Jacqueline Wong updated Instagram was on April 17th. In addition to the new post, she also changed her profile pic.

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