Jessica Kan Doesn’t Care if Men Don’t Like Her Six Pack Abs

Jessica Kan Doesn't Care if Men Don't Like Her Six Pack Abs

TVB actress Jessica Kan (簡淑兒) was at the TVB studio on November 10 to rehearse for the “TVB Anniversary Gala Show”. This year she is in charge of playing the flute. She expressed, “I played a few years in middle school at my school’s team, but I stopped playing later on. Playing after so many years is actually very stressful.”

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Jessica Kan has been documenting her fitness journey lately. She recently posted a picture on IG showing her six pack abs and her muscular arms. The picture led to many netizens debating about her new toned body. There were netizens who told her to eat more because they thought she didn’t look good looking like this.

She responded to the feedback saying, “Actually the reason why I’ve been going to the gym is because I had some free time with work recently. I had a family member who was also not feeling well, making me feel not too good. Exercising really helps with your mood. I also set a goal for myself to work out until I get a six pack. Someone said boys don’t like it, then that’s good. I don’t have a boyfriend now anyways, it’s so free.”

Jessica Kan also said her fitness journey has actually helped her with work. She expressed, “I actually don’t want to always give people the impression I am weak and delicate. I am actually very tomboyish in private. As an artist, you can’t let people deadlock you into one image. I hope there will be more opportunities.”

Credit: hk01, Jessica Kan IG

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