Jessica Kan Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors and Explains Why She Has Given Up on Love

Jessica Kan Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors and Explains Why She Has Given Up on Love

Jessica Kan (簡淑兒), who signed with TVB this year and became “one of their own”, was reportedly frozen by the company when there were issues with her management company last year. She was noticeably missing from promotional events for her series “The Learning Curve of a Warlord”. Now that she’s officially part of TVB, she was seen promoting her new series, “As Time Goes By” (好日子).

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Why was Jessica Kan not Promoting “The Learning Curve of a Warlord?”

As it turns out, Jessica Kan was once a singer as a member of Hong Kong girl group, “Girls’ Sample” (少女標本). The group debuted in 2015 as a quartet. One member, Swan, left the group in 2016. Later on, the group continued to promote as a trio. However, because of the lack of success, they each went their separate ways. The other members, CoCo Yuen (袁紫僑) and Kabby Hui (許雅婷), both switched their careers to mainland China. Kabby Hui achieved quite the success as “Xiao Zhao” in the 2019 adaptation of “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre” (天屠龍記2019).

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When asked if she is envious of them, she said, “I am a little ashamed. I did go there to interview and saw one or two directors. But they said they need actors who can speak Mandarin properly. I am someone who can’t even speak Cantonese properly, so I’m not very suitable for the mainland market. For the time being, I will focus on Hong Kong first. I want to do my best in Hong Kong first so when people know Jessica Kan, I can go elsewhere to develop.”

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Plastic surgery rumors

TVB is currently preparing for the 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Jessica Kan, who is from New York, came back to join the pageant in 2012. While she didn’t win, she eventually got into the industry. However, her old pageant pictures have been dug out countless times before with netizens accusing her of plastic surgery. Jessica Kan has refuted the rumors countless times before, but doesn’t seem to settle the dust. She says, “I’ve already gotten over it and treat it like a compliment. Because there are times when producers would ask me how come I keep looking younger, but he hasn’t seen my crow’s feet and eye wrinkles up close. It’s pretty severe! I’ve already said what I needed to say and do what I needed to do.”

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Outlook on relationships

When talking about her love life, Jessica Kan admits she has already given up on love. She said, “The person I am right now doesn’t believe in dating. I don’t really believe in promises because a lot of it are just empty promises and are never fulfilled. You get together, but then break up. Why torture yourself? Separation is so sad. So I won’t especially go after it. Once fate comes, it’ll happen. If there isn’t any, forcing it will eventually lead to separation and hurt even more.”

Jessica Kan then goes further to explain why she made those comments. She said, “My last boyfriend said he could accept my career in the beginning, but later on he had a problem with it and it became very hard.” (What did he mind?) “He had a problem with me not being able to pick up his calls when I was working. He started to suspect maybe there are intimate scenes like holding hands and get jealous. It’s like he was forcing me to choose and it was such a bad feeling. I hope the next person can really accept my work then we can get to know each other better.”

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