Alice Chan Busts on Ben Wong’s Secrets, Stitch Yu Regrets Her First On-Screen Kiss

Alice Chan Busts on Ben Wong's Secrets, Stitch Yu Regrets Her First On-Screen Kiss

The cast of TVB’s currently airing series, “As Time Goes By” (好日子), attended an event to promote the series. The first episode achieved 26.9 in ratings, becoming this year’s champion for first line series.

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In the series, Alice Chan’s (陳煒) character tries to kill Ben Wong (黃智賢) because of the misunderstanding and lie he kept for over 30 years. After finding out, she feels immense regret. When asked if they felt any regret in reality, Ben Wong says, “It was over 10 years ago, we didn’t get a good chance to collaborate together.” Alice Chan adds, “At the time, he filmed a few series at ATV. He is a good man. At the time, he was supporting his girlfriend (now wife) to go to school overseas. I also remember, he lost a lot of money in the stocks.” Ben Wong immediately complained saying, “You busted out all my secrets.” (Did you lose a lot of money) “200 something thousand. Not my whole life’s fortune. I’ve turned to investing in blue chip stocks. It’s better than putting it in the bank. I’ve given it all to my wife to manage.”

Alice Chan, Ben Wong, and Max Cheung Get Entangled in a 30 Year Old Lie in “As Times Goes By”

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Alice Chan Admits to Dating Doctor Boyfriend After Being Single for 7 Years

When asked if he would introduce good catches to Alice Chan, Ben Wong said, “She is champion level. It’s very hard [to introduce]. Alice Chan retorts back, “I don’t think so.” Ben Wong responds back, “In my mind, she is forever a champion.”

Stitch Yu Admires This Quality about Boyfriend, Brian Chu

Stitch Yu Regrets Her First On-Screen Kiss

As for Stitch Yu (余思霆) and Jessica Kan (簡淑兒), they became good friends after filming the series. It’s no wonder Jessica Kan complained about finding out Stitch Yu dating their co-star, Brian Chu (朱敏瀚). At the time, Jessica Kan had said, “You didn’t even tell me you were dating.” Stitch Yu replied, “Would you tell me if you were dating?” Jessica Kan immediately replied, “I would immediately call you first.”

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When asked if Stitch Yu would introduce any guys to her, Jessica Kan, revealed, “She is younger than me by a few years. Wouldn’t they be too young?” On the qualities she looks for in a boyfriend, Jessica Kan revealed a former boyfriend had once complained about her filming and taking pictures with a guy for a series and asked her why she had to do it. They ended up breaking up over this.

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Jessica Kan also revealed she has never had a kiss scene before. When asked who she wants to film a kiss scene with, she said, “Of course Louis Koo (古天樂) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武).” Stitch Yu suddenly added, “Then can I take back my first on-screen kiss? My partner was Alvin Ng (伍富橋) that day. It was also his first on-screen kiss. Both our performances were very stiff. I want a partner with more experience.” Jessica Kan immediately suggested, “How about Brother Lun (Lee Kwok Lun 李國麟)?” Stitch Yu awkwardly said, “That’s doable.”

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