Alice Chan Being Labeled as Third Party in New Relationship, Doctor Boyfriend Clarifies Rumors

Alice Chan Labeled as Third Party in New Relationship, Doctor Boyfriend Clarifies Rumors

Alice Chan (陳煒) admitted to dating her new doctor boyfriend, Dr. Aldous Chan (陳國強), a few days ago when reports came out showing the two holding hands at a hotel for the latter’s work conference. This was Alice Chan’s first public relationship ever since her divorce in 2012. When Alice Chan spoke to the reporters about the dating news, she had said the two were in the midst of getting to know each other. However, today, there were reports stating Aldous Chan isn’t divorced yet, labeling Alice Chan as a third party.

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Aldous Chan spoke to Apple Daily HK about the allegations and clarified, “We are divorced already. There is no need to dwell on this matter anymore. I have to protect my ex-wife and also my two daughters. I can’t speak more about these two topics. It’s not that I don’t want to clarify, but once the subject touches upon them, I don’t want to respond on it. I’ve said I have to protect Alice Chan, but I also need to protect my ex-wife. I need to consider their feelings and privacy.”

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Third party accusations

When asked if he has only separated from his wife or if they have already gone through the divorce process, Aldous Chan responds, “We are divorced already.” He states they got the divorce this year and when he started with Alice Chan, he had already ended his relationship with his ex-wife. On reports that Alice Chan was the third party in his marriage and causing him to split with his wife, he says, “This is definitely not true. As for coming between our marriage this has to be left to my ex-wife to speak on. This didn’t even happen to her so it’s hard to vilify someone.”

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When asked about working with his ex-wife at the same place, Aldous Chan clarified, “No, this is a misunderstanding. My ex-wife didn’t need to work back then. So working together in the same place is not right.” As for his daughters, they live with his ex-wife and he is not worried about Alice Chan getting jealous of his interactions with his ex-wife. When reporters tried to ask him how long he has been dating Alice Chan, he said, “I won’t talk about timing questions. Once I talk about it, there will be more rumors started. Some people like to harp about timing, who was first, who was later. Hong Kong people like to find out the root cause. I can’t speak on too much.”

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What attracts you to Alice Chan?

Apple Daily HK asked him what it was about Alice Chan that attracted him, whether it was her beauty or her class that made him like her so much. He responded, “We are in the midst of getting to know each other. It’s hard for me to respond to your previous questions. There are so many different layers to that questions. How can I respond to your “like her so much?” I can only say we are getting to know each other.”

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When asked if he sees Alice Chan as a marriage partner, he said, “Everyone dating will have a start and will start to yearn for something. I don’t rule this out.” On being a public figure after dating Alice Chan, he says, “I know this. I understand so that’s why I am talking to you right now.” Alice Chan also responded to the rumors and said, “Dr. Chan already talked about this. I don’t have anything to add.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Alice Chan IG, Aldous Chan IG