Jonathan Wong Says He Would Kinda Like Alice Chan in Real Life

Jonathan Wong Says He Would Kinda Like Alice Chan in Real Life

Jonathan Wong (王梓軒) and Alice Chan (陳煒) recently promoted their series “Wonder Woman” (多功能老婆) at a radio show. The two play lovers with Jonathan Wong’s character falling in love with Alice Chan’s character at first sight. On filming their first scene together, they revealed it took a month to film. Alice Chan expressed, “The first time we finished filming, the shot wasn’t enough, needed to re-film it. The second and third time, it was raining. We were only able to film it the fourth time. We had already rehearsed it several times.”

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The two also talked about their relationship in the series. There will be a scene where Alice Chan brings Jonathan Wong to eat frogs, who is actually really resistant to eating them in reality. He expressed, “It was really scary. Wai Gor has always knew how to eat and cook, but I was pretty scared of this scene. I had to eat it like it was really delicious too.” (How did you convince yourself?) “Everything is sweet looking at Wai Gor!” (Would you like her in real life?) “A little bit! But I need to hold it in or else if I fall into it, the doctor (Alice Chan’s doctor boyfriend) will come look for me.”

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As there will be kiss scenes in the series, Alice Chan expressed she didn’t block her boyfriend from watching it. She expressed, “Jonathan has met my boyfriend before. He even told my boyfriend not to worry that he barely touched my hand. My boyfriend also praised Jonathan for being a good man and refined.” (Your boyfriend is confident in you?) “There’s nothing to it. There’s usually a lot of intimate scenes.” Jonathan Wong then says, “Once he saw me, he wasn’t worried. He’s thinking to himself why would his girlfriend like this kind of guy like me.”

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