Shaun Tam Teases His Romantic Storyline with Alice Chan in “Forensic Heroes IV” Won’t be Too Childlike

Shaun Tam Teases His Romantic Storyline with Alice Chan in Forensic Heroes IV Won't be Too Childlike

The cast of “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) attended a promotional event on March 12. Despite the worries of the coronavirus outbreak, the cast dressed up and didn’t wear masks. As it turns out, the cast was responding to requests for a fashion show, so they complied. Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) shared, “Because today the general public requested a fashion show, because I am part of the RCU, I have to wear a leather jacket. Alice is wearing pretty clothes.”

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The series currently focuses on Alice Chan’s (陳煒) relationship arc. Her character, “Queen”, is going through a messy break up after she discovered her boyfriend, Louis, had slept with her good friend. This is where Shaun Tam comes along and starts to develop their romantic storyline, even though it only took about 16-18 episodes. Alice Chan revealed, “During these chapters, I am very sad. During this time, Shaun is by my side caring about me. However, in the upcoming chapters, something will happen. I get dragged into a case and become a suspect.” Based on leaked previews, her boyfriend gets murdered and she becomes a major suspect!

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Shaun Tam shared that besides the cases, the relationships are also very well written. He expressed, “I really like this design. “Queen” and “King” are everyone’s tree holes. Two people developing trust for each other is very hard. So our romance line is pretty grown up, it won’t be like the really childish kind. Like the type that says, “I miss you” or “I love you”, doesn’t exist.”

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As for tree holes, Alice expressed she has different types of tree holes to discuss work, family, and relationships. Shaun Tam says his tree hole is definitely his wife. He shared, “When I go home, I can’t hold it in and will want to talk to her. I have a lot of things to say to her, so I can’t give her surprises often. But I actually have a lot of high school classmates. Maybe because we’re all in different fields, so they have been my biggest tree holes all these years.”

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