Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung Rumored to Make Cameos for New “Forensic Heroes IV” Ending and Pave Way for Fifth Installment

Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung Rumored to Make Cameos for New "Forensic Heroes IV" Ending and Pave Way for Fifth Installment

Since “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) aired, the series has achieved viewership ratings in the 30s that hasn’t been experienced by TVB in a long time. Whether it be by word of mouth or ratings, the series generally has rave reviews. According to Hong Kong media outlet, Oriental Sunday, they allege an insider revealed famed producer, Miu Siu Ching (梅小青), who is set to retire in June, is making last minute changes to the “Forensic Heroes IV” ending with Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) making cameos that will possibly pave the way for the fifth installment of the series.

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According to Oriental Sunday, they claim an insider revealed TVB will be filming “Forensic Heroes V” due to the good results, making Miu Siu Ching come out of retirement before she can even retire. This insider claims Miu Siu Ching is rushing to re-film the ending so it can smoothly segue the storyline for the fifth installment.

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The insider also revealed the following spoilers: “Raymond Wong (黃浩然) will find his biological sister, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯). The original ending contained a wedding scene that was supposed to be a happy ending for everyone, but Siu Ching-jeh wants to add some minor issues to it. It will probably have some unthinkable elements happen that will lead to everyone to want to continue watching. But right now we are still editing it. What is the real ending? Even the cast will have to wait to see what happens in the end. As for Alice Chan (陳煒), Raymond Wong, and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), they will also be in the new installment.”

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In order to strengthen the fifth installment the insider claims TVB and Miu Siu Ching have been secretly negotiating with Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung to return. This insider revealed, “Siu Ching-jeh wants to find Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung to come back and film. Even though they have already left the company, both of them have always been oft-used by Siu Ching-jie. They have a very close relationship with each other. In addition, both Charmaine and Linda have been leads in the “Forensic” series. However, it all depends on the script and scheduling.”

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Credit: Oriental Sunday, Charmaine Sheh IG, Linda Chung IG