Riley Wang Reveals How He Would Confess to Someone He Likes

Riley Wang Reveals How He Would Confess to Someone He Likes

Riley Wang’s (王以綸) series, “Everyone Wants to Meet You” (谁都渴望遇见你), is currently airing. Even though he plays the second male lead, he still gets his happy ending. In the series, he is childhood sweethearts with female lead, Zhang Ruonan (章若楠), but goes from being a warm hearted person to a scumbag after she doesn’t return the feelings. There are mixed reactions from netizens ranging from positive to negative, but Riley Wang had this to say about the comments: “Very happy! Because I successfully showed different aspects of “Tao Lun” to everyone. This character is particularly deep and varied. When I got the script, I really hoped I could act in the series.”

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In the past, Riley Wang was involved with Yao Yao (Kuo Shuyao 郭書瑤), who is rumored to have broken up recently, and now rumored to be dating Snow Tsai Jui-hsueh (蔡瑞雪). When talking about his outlook on relationships in reality, Riley Wang said he is the daring type. He revealed, “If you like someone, you must let her know and not treat her like a good friend or a brother. It also allows her to understand that you treating her nice is an extension of love.”

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Snow Tsai

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Because Riley Wang gets rejected in the series, he said if he experienced that in real life, it would be especially awkward because, “I would think that I am so direct in confessing my feelings towards you, but it feels like I was fiercely slapped in the face. It’s not a good feeling.” There were recent rumors pointing to the reason for Riley Wang and Kuo Shuyao’s break up was over the latter’s unwillingness to conform to Riley Wang’s “dating habits”. This person claiming to be a good friend of Kuo Shuyao’s claim she was very protective of herself and rejected Riley Wang a lot of times, which led to their break up.

As for the warmest thing he has done, Riley Wang revealed, “When I was younger, I would meticulously prepare a surprise for the other person.” However, he also said that because he is busy with work now, it gets harder to do these warm gestures. He said, “Immediately caring and giving family and friends a sense of security, letting them know I am doing well is what I feel is the warmest at this stage.”

Credit: UDN Stars, ETtoday, Riley Wang Studio Weibo