Riley Wang is Making Fangirls Melt in “I Hear You”

Riley Wang is Making Fangirls Melt in "I Hear You"

Taiwanese heartthrob actor, Riley Wang (王以綸), is getting a lot of attention from fangirls for his role in Chinese idol web drama, “I Hear You” (最動聽的事). The series stars Riley Wang and Zhao Lusi (趙露思) as a pair of “quarrelsome lovers” (歡喜冤家). They start off as enemies due to misunderstandings, but end up as a contract couple for a reality show. As a fake couple, they start to fall in love. After the series aired in January, the on-screen couple became a fan favorite.

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Even though Riley Wang is only 23 years old this year, he actually debuted as a rapper in the Taiwanese boy band, SpeXial, in 2015. He left the group in 2017 to pursue acting. He immigrated to Canada when he was 10, but came back to Taiwan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry after winning a modeling competition when he was 16. He is currently filming a series about the airline industry called “Nine Kilometers of Love” (九千米的爱情).

Aside from his good looks, killer smile, and height, Riley Wang is unique in that he only has one dimple. However, he wasn’t naturally born with it. It turns out he was bit by a dog when he was a child while looking at houses with his family in Canada. He had to get stitches for it, but instead of it turning into a scar, it became the dimple he has on his left cheek today. Riley Wang also recounts another time where he was bit by a dog again, but it was less serious than the first encounter. Even though he has been bit by dogs twice, he says he still loves dogs a lot.

What is there not to love about Riley Wang?

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