Watch the Making of the Famous “Cherry Kiss” from “Well-Intended Love”

Watch the Making of the Famous "Cherry Kiss" from "Well-Intended Love"

Chinese web drama, “Well-Intended Love” (奈何BOSS要娶我), is garnering much attention ever since it aired over the Lunar holiday. Male lead, Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁), exploded and became an overnight sensation. Xu Kaicheng and female lead, Wang Shuang, (王雙), have countless kissing scenes, including the “cherry kiss,” which has become a hot topic among fans. The BTS video of the kissing scene was recently released online featuring the actors’ original voices, making fans swoon even more.

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In the broadcast version, Wang Shuang, puts a cherry in her mouth not expecting Xu Kaicheng to give her a deep kiss and eventually sucking it out of her mouth in a separate shot. This scene actually follows the novel.

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In the BTS video, Xu Kaicheng deeply kisses Wang Shuang and takes the cherry from her mouth in one shot. It is said the two filmed this scenes several times.

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This is the broadcast version:

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Watch the BTS of the “cherry kiss” scene here:

Credit:, Well-Intended Love Weibo