Season 2 of “Well-Intended Love” Confirmed to Return with Original Cast

Season 2 of "Well-Intended Love" Confirmed to Return with the Same Cast

Good news for fans of “Well-Intended Love” (奈何BOSS要娶我) as it was officially announced today that season 2 of “Well-Intended Love” will start filming with the original cast from the first season! There was also a press conference today officially announcing the second season of the popular series. Unfortunately, male lead, Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) couldn’t make it.

Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang Starring in New Series, “Young and Beautiful”

Watch the Making of the Famous “Cherry Kiss” from “Well-Intended Love”

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Xu Kaicheng Still Gets Shy Watching the “Cherry Kiss Scene” from “Well-Intended Love”

The first season ended with the couple celebrating their second wedding anniversary, but the female lead, Wang Shuang (王雙), who is pregnant, is ready to give birth. Many fans are speculating the second season will pick up from there.

Many fans are excited to see Xu Kaicheng and Wang Shuang reunite onscreen. However, we almost wouldn’t have had a chance to see him onscreen if it weren’t for Taiwanese actor, Ming Dao. It turns out Xu Kaicheng started out as a ballet dancer, studying it for 11 years. His original plan was to go study abroad after graduating. However, he was noticed by Ming Dao (明道) and was signed to his studio in 2012. In 2013, Xu Kaicheng debuted in the series, “The Queen of SOP” (勝女的代價2).

Credit:, Well-Intended Love Weibo

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    1. No worries, Xu Kaicheng is reprising his role in the second season. Just that he couldn’t make it to the press conference. There wouldn’t be a second season without him!

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