“Well-Intended Love 2” Officially Starts Filming, “Ling Boss” Gets a New Love Rival

"Well-Intended Love 2" Officially Starts Filming, "Ling Boss" Gets a New Love Rival

The second season of “Well-Intended Love” (奈何Boss要娶我) officially started filming today with the entire cast present for the blessing ceremony. Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋), who plays “Ling Yizhou” (凌异洲) or “Ling Boss” was missing from the earlier press conferences as he was busy wrapping up another series. Even though he couldn’t make it, he didn’t forget about his “Xia Lin” (夏琳), played by Wang Shuang (王双). He filmed a clip and said: “Xia Lin, are you at the scene? Are you happy? Can you guys help me take care of “Xia Lin?”

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"Well-Intended Love 2" Officially Starts Filming, "Ling Boss" Gets a New Love Rival

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Aside from the original cast returning, there will be a new character introduced to be “Ling Boss'” love rival. The new character will be played by, Taiwanese actor, Sky Li (利晴天). It’s reported Sky Li’s character, “Fu Weining”, will be an elite businessman who returns from overseas. He is “Ling Yizhou’s” classmate and also a top employee at his company. However, underneath “Fu Weining’s” handsome and superior exterior, he harbors jealousy and a competitive heart towards “Ling Yizhou.”

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"Well-Intended Love 2" Officially Starts Filming, "Ling Boss" Gets a New Love Rival Sky Li

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When asked if he was worried about fans not being able to accept his character, since he’s the antagonist, Sky Li responded, “I am actually playing “Ling Boss'” love rival. I always want to go against him with everything. I don’t have any burdens. I actually hope the audience will hate me after watching it. I will be very happy with this type of effect. As Sky Li is labeled as a special guest appearance, his scenes will reportedly be done filming by the end of August.

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The cast seems to be pretty excited as Xu Kaicheng left a comment on a post from the official Weibo account saying: “Come, ready to eat candy?” Wang Shuang posted, “This summer, “Mumu” will once again encounter so many cute people.” Sky Li also said, “Safe filming, I will work hard filming.” Ian Yi (易柏辰)commented, “Shock! “Chu Huohuo” returns once again. Ready for a sweet summer.”

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