Netizens Thought They were Watching “We Got Married” During Crystal Zhang and Xu Kaicheng’s Segment on “Battle Body”

Netizens Thought They Were Watching "We Got Married" During Crystal Zhang and Xu Kaicheng's Segment on "Battle Body"

Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋) and Crystal Zhang (张天爱), known as the king and queen of web series, met each other while filming the series “Young and Beautiful” (我的漂亮朋友), a few months ago. It seems like the two became good friends after filming because Xu Kaicheng guested on Crystal Zhang’s new variety show, “Battle Body” (哎呀好身材), which follows four celebrities and their fitness journey. Xu Kaicheng is on the show to help Crystal Zhang with her workout, which seems normal, but their interactions on the show have led to many thinking they were watching “We Got Married”. Some netizens said, “The sweetness level is like the feeling of “We Got Married”.

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Many people might wonder why Crystal Zhang is on the show, but it turns out she is very disciplined when it comes to her diet and work outs. In the first episode, it shows Crystal Zhang on the set of “Young and Beautiful”. She treats the cast and crew to fried chicken, but doesn’t eat. However, Xu Kaicheng, being the cheeky person that he is, teases her when he devours the tasty fried chicken leg in front of her. He asks her if she wants to eat, but she says no. This tempts Crystal Zhang, but she controls herself until a crew member approaches her and lets her have a piece, but Crystal Zhang only rips off a tiny piece and says she’s full. Crystal Zhang said she wasn’t going to eat until she saw Xu Kaicheng eating it.

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Later on, Xu Kaicheng is seen visiting Crystal Zhang during her workout. They start to workout, but the trainer wants the two to intertwine their hands and push each other back and forth while standing on a balance ball. The both of them look shy and are blushing, making the atmosphere very awkward for the trainer. In the end, Xu Kaicheng shows his chivalrous side and says to Crsytal Zhang, “You push me”. Crystal Zhang then pushes Xu Kaicheng’s chest, making him lose. He has to do 50 pushups as punishment. Crystal Zhang feels bad and offers to help him do 10 pushups. In the end, the two somehow start talking about how their noses had injuries before and each touch each other’s noses to inspect it.

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After the show aired, many netizens had a lively discussion about their interactions. They left comments such as, “This game is fake, them spreading dog food is real.”, “What kind of idol drama scene is this?”. It seems there are now two sets of shippers: Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang and Xu Kaicheng and Wang Shuang (王双).

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