Paparazzi Mistakenly Report Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang were Dating While They were Filming

Paparazzi Mistakenly Report Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang were Dating While They were Filming

Chinese paparazzi are keeping everyone’s blood pressure high for a second straight day. After Shen Yue’s dating rumor was trending on Weibo yesterday and later proved to be false, another “dating rumor” was trending on Weibo today. Today’s main leads in the dating rumor features Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋) and Crystal Zhang (张天爱), who recently finished filming their series, “Young and Beautiful” (我的漂亮朋友). Xu Kaicheng also guested on an episode of Crystal Zhang’s new variety show, “Battle Body” (哎呀好身材), which features the fitness journey of four celebrities. During their segment, they were working out together and at one point, netizens thought they were watching them on “We Got Married” because of their “intimate” actions.

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The initial reports from the paparazzi alleges they caught Xu Kaicheng going to the airport to pick up Crystal Zhang and was seen returning to the same hotel. The second day the two were seen joining the cast to film something. They claim Xu Kaicheng was following Crystal Zhang closely all along and said their interactions were very “intimate”, leading them to think they were dating. They also said Xu Kaicheng returned to the hotel earlier to help with Crystal Zhang’s luggage. Sina Entertainment reached out to Xu Kaicheng’s staff member and they responded, “It’s filming work.” It turns out the two were filming again for Crystal Zhang’s variety show, “Battle Body”.

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Watch the paparazzi video here:

It’s the second occasion people have considered Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang’s interactions as “intimate”. Is “Battle Body” really about weight loss or a show filming “We Got Married” in disguise?

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