Zoie Tam and Luk Wing Have Plenty of Intimate Scenes in “Barrack O’Karma”

Zoie Tam and Luk Wing Have Plenty of Intimate Scenes in "Barrack O'Karma"

Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) was part of the cast in attendance at the promotional event of TVB’s new series, “Barrack O’Karma” (金宵大廈) on September 14. The series has different storylines each two episodes. Zoie Tam takes part in the “Kam Ding” (金丁) storyline. She reveals about the storyline, “My partner is Luk Wing (陸永). He has the ability to help people change their luck through sexual intercourse. So he is very popular with the ladies in the series. As his ex-girlfriend, I need to devise a plan to get back with him.” She also says the story will touch a lot of people. Even though she has ulterior motives when she gets back with Luk Wing, the two will have a happy ending.

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It’s also revealed Zoie Tam and Luk Wing will have a lot of intimate scenes. She expressed, “When I first received the script and saw the storyline talked about changing luck through sexual intercourse, I thought to myself there are a lot of bed scenes we can’t get away from. In fact, it’s not a small amount.” However, Luk Wing would report to his wife beforehand if there were intimate scenes that day, making it comfortable for Zoie Tam as well. Luk Wing would tell his wife, “There are bed scenes with Zoie today. I might have to kiss.” This action earned praise from Zoie Tam, saying he is a really good husband. She said, “After working with him, I felt this man is really good. When we filmed, he would think for a bit, but when we actually do it, we’re both really invested. We’re both professional. I would sometimes joke with him and ask, “Can I touch you for a bit?”

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Filming “Barrack O’Karma” was considered a breakthrough for Zoie Tam. She expressed, “It’s a breakthrough in terms of the subject matter. As an actor, we all need breakthroughs. If I am always playing a goody two shoes, pure roles, is it really a good thing? I tend to like more diversity, portray different types of characters to challenge myself. The audience will also have a fresh feeling and see my transformation.” Zoie Tam also expressed she wants to keep filming more series so she can absorb more as she still lacks experience.

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