What is Louis Koo’s Solely Acknowledged Ex-Girlfriend, Natalie Wong, Up to Nowadays?

What is Louis Koo's Solely Acknowledged Ex-Girlfriend, Natalie Wong, Up to Nowadays?

Louis Koo (古天樂) is known for being very private with his personal life. In all his years as a celebrity, there has only been one relationship and girlfriend he acknowledged. Before he became the ultra tanned A-list actor, he used to be fair as Snow White and dated a fellow TVB actress, Natalie Wong (黃𨥈瑩). She joined TVB after joining the 1994 Miss Hong Kong pageant. They dated from 1994, presumably after working together on the series “Happy Harmony” (餐餐有宋家). There was some controversy at the time as someone exposed Louis Koo had a criminal record for robbery, but Natalie Wong still stuck by him during his lowest point.

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As Louis Koo started getting popular, Natalie Wong started slowly retreating from the limelight. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in break up over “differences in personalities” in 2001. After their break up, Louis Koo had once said, “I value friendship a lot. Whoever has helped me during my trials and tribulations, I will remember it for a lifetime. Natalie Wong gave me consolation and support when I lost the most confidence. I will not let anyone hurt her in this lifetime.” The two reportedly remained friends and it’s rumored Louis Koo provided her with lifestyle expenses even after breaking up. The media once asked Louis Koo if he still kept in contact with Natalie Wong and all he said was, “No comment”. As for Natalie Wong, she has never badmouthed him either.

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After Natalie Wong’s contract with TVB was up in 2011, she pretty much stepped out of the entertainment industry. At 43 years old, it’s reported she now works in the beauty industry. She was seen in a recent picture with her good friend, Brianna Chan (陳伶俐), who is the ex-wife of comedic actor, Andrew Lam (林敏驄), and other celebrities celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. She still looks the same.

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