Manager Clarifies Louis Koo’s “Engagement” Announcement

Manager Clarifies Louis Koo's "Engagement" Announcement

Louis Koo (古天樂) has always been a very low profile person. However, he likes to surprise everyone from time to time. Louis Koo sang a duet with singer, Kay Tse (謝安琪), last year. She held her concert at the Hong Kong coliseum yesterday. There was a clip of Louis Koo played at the concert. At first, he starts the video reporting on finance news saying, “The recent drops in the stock market is the biggest in the recent financial crisis.” He starts talking about the currency exchange rates, puzzling everyone. Then he suddenly says, “I just got engaged. Everyone, good night.” The video ends right there.

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Of course this shocked everyone and left concert goers questioning what they just heard. Reporters contacted Louis Koo’s manager today and he denied Louis Koo got engaged. He clarified Louis Koo and Kay Tse collaborated on the song “(A man) A Woman and a Shower Room” (一個男人)一個女人和浴室) last year. In the music video, Louis Koo plays Kay Tse’s second husband. As for Louis Koo saying “He just got engaged.”, he was referring to the characters in the music video and was purely just following the dialogue from the storyline. Louis Koo didn’t really get engaged.

Manager Responds to Louis Koo’s Marriage Rumors with Jessica Hsuan

Credit: Ming Pao, Louis Koo IG

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