Manager Responds to Louis Koo’s Marriage Rumors with Jessica Hsuan

Manager Responds to Louis Koo's Marriage Rumors with Jessica Hsuan

Someone must really want Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) to be together because this is the second time they have been rumored to be together in two months. Only this time, the rumor reaches further to say Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan are getting married this year!

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Back in June, a rumor was started by a netizen stating Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were dating. This led to Louis Koo trending on Weibo. However, the two never addressed the rumors and the dust finally settled. A few days ago, a viral rumor was circulating on Weibo stating a “Hong Media media outlet” reported Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were getting married this year. This supposed “Hong Kong media outlet” also said Louis Koo’s recent purchase of a yacht was to be filial for his parents, but also to be used for his wedding this year with Jessica Hsuan.

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The “proof” of them dating includes a gif of Louis Koo whispering into Jessica Hsuan’s ear at a dinner celebration with a whole bunch of cast and crew members from last year. Jessica Hsuan even posted a picture of that night on her Instagram.

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Other “proof” of them together includes a picture of a flower basket Louis Koo had sent to Jessica Hsuan wishing her a successful performance for her play. There was also an old interview from last year where Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were taking jabs at each other when he complimented Jessica Hsuan for being pretty and thin. Long time “LJ” fans will know they’re always like this, so it’s nothing to be shook about.

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While many netizens left comments giving their well wishes and hope it would be true, there really is no evidence of them being together. Singaporean news outlet, “Shin Min Daily News” (新明日報), reached out to Louis Koo’s manager asking whether the marriage rumors were true. He responded, “Of course not. Anything can be spread on the internet. It is not true at all.”

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