Louis Koo Makes Up Birthday Celebration for Jessica Hsuan

Louis Koo Makes Up Birthday Celebration for Jessica Hsuan

Louis Koo (古天樂)and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) were recently together to film the poster for their movie, “A Witness out of the Blue” (犯罪現場). Jessica Hsuan celebrated her 49th birthday in August. However, Louis Koo and the crew members decided to make up the birthday celebration for Jessica Hsuan on set. When Jessica Hsuan received the cake on set, she was surprised and expressed, “Hope everyone is healthy and happy.”

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When Jessica Hsuan saw a crew member bringing out a cake and walking towards her, she said, “Oh my god! I’ll pretend not to see it.” The whole crew, including Louis Koo, sang “Happy Birthday” to Jessica Hsuan and even took group pictures together. Jessica Hsuan expressed, “Because my birthday already passed, so I couldn’t believe they would prepare something. In addition, when people grow older, very little people will celebrate their birthday.” She continued to say, “Tastes really good! Very fattening! I’m already very happy everyone can peacefully and simply eat cake together.”

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When mentioned about collaborating with Louis Koo after 17 years since they starred in “A Step to the Past” (尋秦記), Jessica Hsuan laughed and said Louis Koo’s character in this movie is strange just like him. His character doesn’t speak much either. Jessica Hsuan plays a landlord, while Louis Koo is her tenant and have a very ambiguous relationship. Jessica Hsuan shared, “The best thing about them is on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything. In the air, it feels like something will happen, but in the end, nothing happens. There are a lot of love storylines or when someone is dating, you date and then you break up, it’s a very happy and special feeling. The most special feeling is when it’s ambiguous. When you think there is something going on, but nothing happens.”

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