Jessica Hsuan Says Louis Koo Doesn’t Treat Her Like a Woman

Jessica Hsuan Says Louis Koo Doesn't Treat Her Like a Woman

Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) sat down with Apple Daily HK recently to promote their new movie, “A Witness out of the Blue” (犯罪現場). Aside from talking about the new movie, the two reminisced about the old times when they used to film at TVB.

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This movie is Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan’s first cooperation in 17 years. Jessica Hsuan expressed she was full of expectations filming this movie. She expressed how she witnessed Louis Koo matured a lot. She said, “I saw him enter the industry, saw him evolve. Our first series was “Happy Harmony” (餐餐有宋家). In the beginning he didn’t speak, was very quiet. I would always bother him to talk. He would only say one or two sentences. Now it’s completely different. He slowly evolved.”

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Louis Koo expressed Jessica Hsuan didn’t change much. He said, “Really don’t think she changed much. Not talking about her appearance. It’s her personality, it’s very rare. Because when you work in this industry, you might lose your own personality. Being able to keep your own personality and exist is very hard.”

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Jessica Hsuan Says Louis Koo Doesn't Treat Her Like a Woman

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The two also reminisced about the old days when they used to film together. Jessica Hsuan said, “We were much crazier back then. He didn’t treat me like a woman. I didn’t treat him like a man either. He treats me like a man more than I treat him like a woman. Just like when I am sitting on a chair in an office. All of sudden he just keeps on kicking me all the way out.”

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When asked how Louis Koo can treat girls like this, he explained, “You know how girls who just came back from overseas are like. Girls who just returned from overseas are usually very easy to get along with. She’s a very loud and boisterous person, doesn’t sweat the small stuff. So sometimes it’ll be easier to interact with each other.” Jessica Hsuan interrupts him and says, “When he sees me, he can’t control himself and wants to kick me.” Louis Koo continues saying, “I won’t differentiate between man or woman. There are a lot of other girls from the cast, but it’s not like this with them. It’s just her. Probably because she grew up overseas. Nowadays, there’s not much time to play.”

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Enjoy this video of Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan taking jabs at each other.

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Credit: Apple Daily HK, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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