Samm Ko Ling Claps Back at Netizens for Saying She was Uncivilized Over One Picture

Samm Ko Ling Claps Back at Netizens for Saying She was Uncivilized Over One Picture

Samm Ko (高海寧) Ling suffered some backlash yesterday when she posted a picture of her sitting in airport seats with her feet, while wearing shoes, placed onto another chair. There were a few netizens who left comments who spoke against her behavior and said she lacked etiquette for putting her feet on the seat. They left comments saying, “You lack civility.”, “Remember to wipe the seat clean and then leave.”, “Don’t dirty someone else’s chair.”, “Your shoes, other people don’t need to sit on it anymore.” Some netizens claim Samm Ko Ling deleted their comments criticizing her and then blocked them. She responded to the backlash with a new post today.

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Samm Ko Ling Claps Back at Netizens for Saying She was Uncivilized Over One Picture
Pic that got a few netizens upset over Samm Ko Ling’s feet on the chair

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On her new post, she responded, “The old me, would always be very cautious, always making sure I behaved properly, scared of inadvertently hurting others, worried about not being adequate, don’t want others to be disappointed, and there hasn’t been anyone who asked if I was happy or not. As of today, I have already accepted that the whole world will not like you. Relaxingly being myself is even better. So when I encounter people that want to be acknowledged, purposely open different accounts to support me, then continue to self produce, self direct, and self act! I will continue to enrich my life and as for you, continue to indulge in this.”

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There were still some netizens who didn’t agree with Samm Ko Ling’s response and didn’t believe the hurtful comments were from one person. Samm Ko Ling responded, “I didn’t say everyone was a fake account, just that recently there is a person who constantly keeps opening fake accounts to start something. I’ve always chose not to say it, delete it and that’s it because there is no logical reasoning to debate about it. As it turns out, it doesn’t work, so today I choose to positively face it! Actually, that day I only took a picture and after taking it, I did wipe the chair and I also sat back on it myself! So there is no need to be angry! I am also a person with proper family upbringing. I also have to clarify, I didn’t delete any comments from this post. I even replied back to them. However, it disappeared without cause, as you can imagine…”

Credit: Ming Pao, hk01, Samm Ko Ling (1, 2)