Mat Yeung Not Worried about Lisa Ch’ng Getting Mad Over Samm Ko Ling

Mat Yeung Not Worried about Lisa Ch'ng Getting Mad Over Samm Ko Ling

Samm Ko Ling (高海寧) and Mat Yeung (楊明) were at an event today to promote their new series, “My Commissioned Lover” (婚姻合伙人). At one point, Mat Yeung is doing squats while carrying Samm Ko Ling on his back and her chest squashing his back. However, Mat Yeung looked to be struggling at one point with Samm Ko Ling even covering his mouth to prevent him from screaming. After completing four squats, he immediately dropped to the floor, making everyone laugh.

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As this is her first time taking on the lead role, Samm Ko Ling says the stress factor is extremely high. However, since the series is already airing mid-way, she says her stress is completely gone. When asked how they would celebrate if the ratings are good, Samm Ko Ling says, “Kirby Lam (林秀怡) and I promise to push each other into the pool. Now we’re going to include pushing Mat Yeung into the pool.” When asked if it will be even sexier than the series, Samm Ko Ling says to leave the sexy stuff to Kirby Lam.

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When asked if he is worried about getting girlfriend, Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明), mad, Samm Ko Ling chimed in and said, “Why do you guys make her sound so petty? She’s really poised. She’s actually helping us to promote the series. Mat Yeung explained, “I think she’s just a little bit uncomfortable. You guys asked her so she answered a little. Samm Ko Ling is our friend. We’re all friends.” Samm Ko Ling also said, “If there’s anyone to be worried about, it wouldn’t be me.”

Credit:, Samm Ko Ling IG