Mat Yeung Accused of Being a Kept Man, Lisa Ch’ng Clears the Air

Mat Yeung Accused of Being a Kept Man, Lisa Ch'ng Clears the Air

Lately there have been rumors saying Mat Yeung (楊明) moved into his girlfriend, Lisa Ch’ng’s (莊思明) mansion, accusing him of being a kept man. Lisa Ch’ng is a Malaysian Chinese and millionaire heiress. Her father, Ch’ng Bao (莊寶), was appointed “Datuk” status, an honorific title usually bestowed to prominent male figures and men who contributed something of value to society.

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Lisa Ch’ng clarified the rumors in a lengthy IG post today.

“A lot of people think I live a good life without worries, but how many people really know me and my lifestyle?

If I told everyone that money doesn’t just appear in my hands, that I need to earn money myself, how many people would believe me?
I know I am pretty fortunate because I have a place to live, so I am very thankful. But I also need to work hard to make money to support my day to day needs and also reduce the burden on my family. I am not a person who doesn’t need to work or worry, like what everyone says.
Frankly speaking, I wish I was!
However, everyone can continue to misunderstand me. I don’t really care, because since day 1 of stepping into the industry, everyone looks at me this way.

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The thing I mind the most is people saying Mat Yeung is a kept man (“eating soft rice”: 食軟飯)!
I already kept my mouth shut for a long time. I thought time would prove everything, but a lot of people won’t face the truth.
I can be very certain and tell everyone that Mat Yeung has never used a penny of mine. It’s actually the opposite. When I buy clothes, shoes, or go to the supermarket for everyday goods, Mat Yeung pays for everything. Because he told me it’s a man’s responsibility to take care of his other half.

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I couldn’t take it anymore and had to say something because I don’t want everyone to continue hating on a good person who works hard to earn money and allow his family and his other half to live a good life. The sacrifices and efforts he made for me are bigger than what everyone imagines. I hope no one will continue to make more speculations as this is unfair for him and I. We are both working very hard for our careers. Regardless of success or failure, we both sacrificed a lot of tears and sweat.

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I don’t understand why people act like they sleep underneath my bed and act like they know my lifestyle so well. I held it in for three years. I tolerated this for three years. I don’t want to tolerate it anymore. I want to get him justice because he has never used a penny of mine in the three years we have been dating. Everything he buys is a result of him working hard to earn money.

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I hope everyone will be fair to him and don’t obliterate his sacrifices and hard work for his career! I hope everyone will stop accusing him. Seeing him being wronged because of me for the past three years, makes my heart ache! People who know us will know that we are like everyone else trying to hustle each day for our futures!

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I’ve encountered bad men before. Men who want to go Dutch during meals, I’ve also encountered, but Mat Yeung is definitely not one of them! So if anyone who can’t control themselves and wants to say Mat Yeung is a kept man, why don’t you say I am a kept woman, because this is the truth. He indeed is taking care of me!

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