Xu Kaicheng Plays an A-List Idol Drama Actor in “The Next Top Star”

Xu Kaicheng Plays an A-List Idol Drama Actor in "The Next Top Star"

Fans can enjoy Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋) on the screen in his new drama “The Next Top Star” (热搜女王), while he’s busy filming for “Young and Beautiful” (我的漂亮朋友), and waiting for “Well-Intended Love 2” to start filming. This is another Sohu web series and was probably filmed when Xu Kaicheng got popular with “Well Intended Love”(奈何boss要娶我). While Sohu says Xu Kaicheng is a second male lead in this series, many other media outlets, such as Baidu, have labeled his appearance as a “special guest star.”

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The trailer was released today and Xu Kaicheng doesn’t appear that much. Unfortunately, his voice is dubbed in trailer. The series adapted real life events in the Chinese entertainment industry. It touches upon Chinese celebrities’ lifestyles and talks about the culture of trending on the “hot search” list on Weibo. Even though the English title is “The Next Top Star”, the Chinese title name literally translates to “Hot Search Queen.” The series will also reveal to the audience, the hidden secrets within the entertainment circle and behind the scenes of people plotting against each other. Each episode will have a different main character and focus on that person’s point of view.

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In the series, Xu Kaicheng plays “Bai Lilan” (百里岚), an A-List idol drama actor. He has an iconic line in the series that says, “The value of a good actor is far less than a tenth of a young hunky actor’s value.” He seems to fit the role so well after portraying “Ling Boss” in “Well-Intended Love.”

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Xu Kaicheng Plays an A-List Idol Drama Actor in "The Next Top Star"

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Watch the trailer: http://t.cn/AiNd0Ori

The series also stars veteran Chinese actress, Qu Ying (瞿颖), Korean actor, Dennis O’Neill, and model and actor, Jason Xu Feng (徐峰). The series is set to stream on Sohu on July 4.

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