Xu Kaicheng Reflects on Filming Intimate Scenes in “Well-Intended Love”

Xu Kaicheng Reflects on Filming Intimate Scenes in "Well-Intended Love"

While burgeoning Chinese actor, Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁), was in high profile series like “The Queen of SOP II” (勝女的代價2) and “Moonshine and Valentine” (结爱·千岁大人的初恋), he mainly portrayed supporting roles. Even though he was the male lead in “Well-Intended Love” (奈何BOSS要娶我), this was a web drama with a relatively lower production budget. Low and behold, the series was a hit after airing, making it this year’s dark horse drama and catapulting Xu Kaicheng to stardom.

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The series had a lot of intimate scenes like the “cherry kiss” and constant shots of Xu Kaicheng showing off his body. However, Xu Kaicheng says he isn’t shy when it comes to intimate scenes. In an exclusive interview with ETtoday.net, he says, “When it comes to bed scenes, I just sway a bit, making the audience think about what I am doing. The furthest I’ve gone is taking a blanket and then doing a lion dance.” Watching the BTS clips, Xu Kaicheng would be rehearsing it once with the director first. He would also respect Wang Shuang (王雙) and discuss her limits. On the day they filmed the bed scene, he said, “When we filmed that scene, it happened to be summer. I just took it off. I was so damn hot.”

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Apparent from his Instagram and Weibo pictures, Xu Kaicheng likes to work out. In 2017’s “My Ruby My Blood” (一粒紅塵), he played a boxer and had to train his body to form muscles. In order to control his diet, he once tried eating only boiled meat and vegetables, fruits, and nuts for a month. However, Xu Kaicheng admits, “I am a foodie. Not allowing me to eat good food, I won’t be able to accept it. When I was controlling my diet, it was easy for me to turn irritable, which also fits the character because he’s always mad.” As for Ling Boss’ body, Xu Kaicheng rates himself, “As a boss, Ling Boss’ body is not suitable for being too fit. It just needs to be a normal person’s body.”

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Lastly, on acting, Xu Kaicheng says, “I don’t like to always act the same type of roles. I hope each role has some differences. This series was a domineering CEO. Next series, I want to shock everyone and hear them say, “Wow! It turns out you can do this too. How can you be like this?”, I want to continue challenging myself and also challenge the limits fans can accept.”

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Luckily for fans, Xu Kaicheng will reprise his role as Ling Boss in the second season of “Well-Intended Love”. Sohu announced last month the original cast will be reprising their roles in the sequel. Last week, the production team announced they are currently preparing the script for the second season.

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  1. I loved this drama with its unique plots! Well done guys! I nu s t wish they could have been married in real life

  2. This series was so enjoyable, completely absurd, over the top behavior on the part of Ling Boss and a delight to watch. I don’t know how they’d make a 3rd version of this. Maybe a time fantasy? Who knows. I’d watch it. lol

  3. Fiquei apaixonada pela série,vivi cada momento… parabéns aos protagonista e em especial ao ator Xu Kiacheng que é um lindo e fofo

  4. I am absolutely in love with this series. It has every element of what great dramas are made of: love, suspense, comedy, betrayal, friendships, family ties and business rivals. Mr. Lings fashions are incredible business attire. The series is so believable. I am so looking forward to season 2 and beyond. Please keep this series going.

  5. there were quite a few kissing scenes! Hope he’s looking forward to filming season 2 haha

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