Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang Starring in New Series, “Young and Beautiful”

Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang Starring in New Series, "Young and Beautiful"

Chinese actor, Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁), rose to stardom after starring in the series, “Well-Intended Love” (奈何BOSS要娶我). The popularity of the web drama was so high that a second season with the original cast was announced last month. However, before filming has even started for “Well-Intended Love 2,” it was announced today that Xu Kaicheng is starring in a new series called, “Young and Beautiful” (我的漂亮朋友), with Crystal Zhang (張天愛). Filming has started as the cast and crew attended the blessing ceremony today.

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Instead of playing a CEO, Xu Kaicheng will be playing a college professor in “Young and Beautiful.” According to information released by the crew, his character is also a stock trader who appears to be open on the surface, but very reserved on the inside with a sharp tongue and good at masking things. Female lead, Crystal Zhang, also rose to fame through a web series called, “Go Princess Go” (太子妃升職記). In the new series, she plays a girl from the village that moves to Shanghai to make a living and meets Xu Kaicheng and a bunch of good friends. Along the way, she becomes lost, but eventually rediscovers her original intentions for moving to Shanghai.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo (1, 2)

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