Mat Yeung and Samm Ko Ling Partner Up in New TVB Series about Cyber Security

Mat Yeung and Samm Ko Ling Partner Up in New TVB Series about Cyber Security

With the success of “My Commissioned Lover” (婚姻合伙人), its stars, Mat Yeung (楊明) and Samm Ko Ling (高海寧) are paired up for a new TVB series, called “Cyber Scams”, a literal translation of the temporary Chinese name, “網絡騙案.” The series is about a team, led by Mat Yeung, focusing on cyber security and technology crimes.

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Mat Yeung and Samm Ko Ling play ex-lovers this time around, but won’t end up together. Instead, Samm Ko Ling is paired up with Stefan Wong (黃祥興), who plays a wealthy businessman, but gets into trouble with the law while trying to make money on the internet.

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Due to the recent rainy weather, Mat Yeung was asked if this has affected the filming progress, he jokingly makes a reference about Korean movie, “Along with the Gods” (與神同行). He says, “No, it didn’t. She (Samm Ko Ling) is “Rain (Breast) God”, Rain (Breast) God is walking among us.” After some complaints from Samm Ko Ling, Mat Yeung clarified he was referring to “Rain God” not “Breast God” (Both characters sound the same.) Samm Ko Ling reveals the bickering between Mat Yeung is part of their daily routine.

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As for Hera Chan (陳曉華), the 2018 Miss Hong Kong winner, this is her first time acting and she has already tackled quite a few action scenes. She plays a couple with Brian Chu (朱敏瀚), but isn’t sure if there will be any intimate scenes yet. Hera Chan also says she wouldn’t be opposed to her first on-screen kiss and that it would be quite memorable.

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