B.I Withdraws from iKON

B.I Withdraws from iKON

Korean idol, B.I, real name, Kim Han Bin, has withdrawn from his group, iKON. He announced the decision on his Instagram account today after Dispatch came out with a report exposing his texts with a drug a dealer referred to as “A”. In his post, he says:

Person in B.I’s Texts is Said to be T.O.P’s Ex-Girlfriend, Han Seo Hee

Dispatch Exposes iKON’s B.I Allegedly Soliciting and Using Drugs

“I am Kim Han Bin.
First of all, because of my inappropriate actions, it has caused a lot of controversy. For that , I am truly sorry.

There was a period of time where it was too painful and unbearable that I wanted to rely on something that I shouldn’t be concerned about. This is the truth, but because I was also scared, I didn’t follow through with it.

Even so, I am truly ashamed and sorry to everyone for the disappointment and hurt I’ve caused to each fan and my members for my wrong choice of words.

I will modestly reflect on my mistakes and also leave the group.

Once again, I bow down to apologize to the fans and members. Sorry.”  



Shortly afterwards, YG Entertainment made a statement announcing the termination of B.I’s contract, saying, “Kim Han Bin feels tremendous responsibility for the commotion this incident has caused. The company, after careful consideration, accepts his withdrawal from the group and the decision to terminate his contract. YG deeply feels the responsibility of managing our artists. We sincerely apologize once again for troubling everyone.”

Credit: Kim Han Bin Baidu Bar Weibo, B.I IG, Sina Korea Ent Weibo