Dispatch Exposes iKON’s B.I Allegedly Soliciting and Using Drugs

Dispatch Exposes iKON's B.I Allegedly Soliciting and Using Drugs

Korean news agency, Dispatch, known for busting Korean idols dating and exposing scandals, alleges B.I (Kim Han Bin), leader of K-Pop group under YG Entertainment, iKON of soliciting and using drugs. Dispatch released alleged text messages between B.I. and a suspected drug dealer/agent referred to as “A”, talking about drugs dating back to April 2016. He was also inquiring about getting LSD, also known as acid, which is said to be a heavy hallucinogenic drug.

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The text messages show B.I asking a lot of detailed questions about LSD. He is also seen asking A to help him get drugs and asking for a discount if he buys more. B.I. stated he is struggling to decide whether to buy the drugs all at once or to buy a portion only due to the price. A urges him not to buy so much since it’s his first time trying LSD and says he’ll end up getting hooked on cocaine. A attempts to reject B.I’s request to purchase drugs. At one point, B.I says to A, “Because I took them with you, that is why I am asking you.” While this proves B.I intent to use and solicit drugs, he was never formally charged or investigated. It was said when A was first arrested in August 2016, she claims B.I bought 10 LSD pills to be sent near his dorm, but she later recanted her statement.

Because this was A’s first offense, she wasn’t detained. It’s reported YG took this opportunity to contact A and provide her with legal help, but in exchange, A would have to recant her previous statement implicating B.I. It’s suspected this is the reason why A later recanted on her statements about providing drugs to B.I.

YG’s Response to the Drug Allegations

A representative from YG Entertainment spoke with Dispatch on June 10, saying they carry out strict drug codes with their artists. They claim B.I had nothing to do with the 2016 drug investigation involving A. YG Entertainment also states every two months, all their artists will take a drug test. All the members of iKON have taken the tests at the company before and claims B.I has never once failed the drug test. YG says A kept mentioning B.I’s name to the police to reduce the severity of her crimes. They had asked to meet with A to correct her statements and that by the third investigation, A had already recanted her original confession.

However, after Dispatch released the report today, YG Entertainment said they need to verify the details before making a statement.

Credit: Sina Entertainment, iKON Weibo

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