YG Entertainment in the Hot Seat After Offending China in Netflix’s “YG Future Strategy Office”

YG Future Strategy Office Big Bang Seungri Netflix China Map

Korean entertainment company, “YG Entertainment”, had collaborated with Netflix on an original series called, “YG Future Strategy Office” that currently airs on it’s streaming platform.  The show is hosted by Big Bang member, Seungri.  On one episode, it showed a map of China that Chinese netizens proclaim is an “incomplete map of China that left out the South China Sea coastal territories,”  which has been in territorial dispute between China and neighboring Southeast countries.  A lot of Chinese netizens commented and said, “This destroys the territorial integrity of China.”  

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In another scene, there are two Korean bodyguards dressed in Qing dynasty costumes.  When the two are caught, they use Chinese to say, “I am a pig.”  This angered a lot of Chinese netizens with many feeling this was discriminating against the Chinese and insulting China.  Some of the comments range from, “Support the Korean ban!” to “Ban YG.”  There were also some netizens that left comments on YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram, demanding an apology.  

Due to the pressure from Chinese fans, Yang Hyun Suk posted an apology in both Korean and Chinese on his Instagram account today.  In Chinese, the message says, “I deeply apologize to all the Chinese fans.  I’ve already instructed those in charge to quickly correct and delete the incorrect parts.  From today onwards, we will be especially mindful and careful.”  


Credit: Apple Daily, Netflix

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