Kelly Cheung is Too Tall for Her Co-stars

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Miss Chinese International, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), who signed with TVB after winning the pageant, hasn’t really had many opportunities to act in a series until now.  Not only is she playing one of the female leads in a TVB anniversary series, she’s also playing a multi-faceted character.  In TVB’s “Life on the Line”, Kelly Cheung portrays a ballet tutor and a car mechanic.  

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After the series aired on Monday, many netizens were saying it’s a good thing Joe Ma (馬德鐘) is tall enough or else Kelly Cheung, who is 175 CM (~5’9″) would tower over him.  There really aren’t that many TVB female artists as tall as Kelly Cheung.  Perhaps that might be one reason why Kelly Cheung hasn’t been cast in that many series since it’s equally as hard to find male co-stars taller than her.  

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There are about five current TVB male artists that are at least 180 CM tall and can match up to Kelly Cheung even with heels:

Kenneth Ma – 183 CM (~6’0″)

Vincent Wong – 186 CM (~6’1″)

Ruco Chan – 180 CM (~5’11”)

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Edwin Siu – 180 CM (~5’11”)

Lokyi Lai – 183 CM (~6’0″)

Kelly Cheung also reveals to, “I will have a very touching love story with Joe Ma. Also, the producer told me the reason he chose me is because he appreciated the other side of me that plays video games.  My character is actually very similar to me.  Whatever I want to do, I will pursue.” 

When asked about her clothing style in the series, Kelly Cheung replies, “Worker’s uniform, vest and shorts.  It was summer time when we filmed, so I wasn’t as hot as everyone else.  The others really suffered filming in summer.  I was more relaxed.”

Credit: (1, 2), Kelly Cheung IG