Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan Couldn’t Control Their Laughter Talking About Louis Koo’s Birthday Tradition

Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan Couldn't Control Their Laughter Talking About Louis Koo's Birthday Tradition

My favorite on-screen couple, Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) has been working a lot with each other ever since Jessica Hsuan signed with Louis Koo’s company.  The two even attended a promotional event together for “Bazaar” today.  Louis Koo, who turns 48 on October 21st, expressed he would spend his birthday with family every year.  In addition to eating dinner and cutting cake, they would have to take a picture where everyone has a wooden expression.  This has been a tradition in his family since he was a baby to now.  

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Louis Koo expresses he doesn’t know why his family is like this.  Once everyone takes their place to take a picture, their expressions are just wooden.  When he was saying this, Louis Koo couldn’t hold his laughter and laughed until he cried.  He needed his assistant to give him a tissue to wipe his tears.  When asked about his birthday wish, Louis expressed he wished for good health because only a healthy body will allow him to take a wooden expression picture every year.  He also shares that some of the pictures in photo albums have already turned yellow.  He hopes to pass on the tradition to future generations, just like “The Addams Family.” 

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Jessica Hsuan expressed she will be on vacation and won’t be able to celebrate Louis Koo’s birthday.  Last year, she gave him a gas stove as a birthday present.  Unfortunately, Louis Koo only used it once at home to have hot pot by himself.  Jessica Hsuan jokingly says this year she can give him a “wooden expression pot”, and stick a picture of his wooden expression picture on it.  

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