Louis Koo Tries to Kill Jessica Hsuan in “A Witness Out of the Blue”

Louis Koo Tries to Kill Jessica Hsuan in "A Witness Out of the Blue"

Ever since Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) signed with Louis Koo’s (古天樂) management company, Sky High Entertainment, she has been working with him on a lot more projects. Before “Back to the Past” (尋秦記), the movie remake of the iconic TVB series, “A Step into the Past”, was announced, Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo worked on a movie called, “A Witness Out of the Blue” (犯罪現場) last year. Many fans were looking forward to their reunion after their last collaboration, “A Step into the Past”. Unfortunately, Louis Koo has to kill Jessica Hsuan in their first collaboration in 17 years.

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Louis Koo Tries to Kill Jessica Hsuan in "A Witness Out of the Blue"

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Louis Koo plays a robber, Sean Wong, who gets framed for a jewelry store heist and murder he claims he didn’t commit. He starts the journey to find the true killer who has been murdering possible witnesses to the crime. Louis Koo tries to kill Jessica Hsuan’s character by strangling her by wrapping her head in a raincoat and slamming it against the wall. However, Louis Koo got too into character and inadvertently injured Jessica Hsuan a bit.

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As it turns out, they were supposed to do the scene in two shots. Once the coat was over Jessica Hsuan’s head, they were supposed to use a body double, but then the director and crew suggested her to do try it herself. They instructed her to shout “cut” when she feels uncomfortable. However, Jessica Hsuan remained her stance and held in her pain until the end. She said if Louis Koo had kept his hold one second longer, she thought she was going to die. Thankfully, they were able to do it one take and Jessica Hsuan only suffered a light neck injury. Louis Koo also praised Jessica Hsuan for being professional and being able to hold in her pain to do it in one shot.

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After the scene was over, Jessica Hsuan revealed, “I was actually really scared for a long time before we filmed, because I know him (Louis Koo) too well. I am very scared to film action scenes with him. They suggested I do it myself, I also thought (doing it myself) is really nicer. The whole scene was shot in one take and was very smooth.”

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When asked if Louis Koo worried about her after she got hurt, Jessica Hsuan said to him jokingly, “Go get me ice!”. Jessica Hsuan also said it wasn’t a big deal and wouldn’t blame him.

The movie comes out on October 24.

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