Kelly Cheung Praises Him Law for His Body, Encourages Tavia Yeung to Visit Film Set

Kelly Cheung Praises Him Law for His Body, Encourages Tavia Yeung to Visit Film Set

Him Law (羅仲謙) is making his TVB comeback after a 3 year absence with new series “The Witness” (木棘証人). The cast and crew attended the costume fitting today. This time he will be playing a uniformed cop. Him Law also shares, “I was primarily drawn to film this series because of Willie Wai (韋家雄). My wife has worked with him a lot.”

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Kelly Cheung wants to see Tavia Yeung

Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) will be starring alongside Him Law as the female lead. This is their first time working together. She plays a lawyer in the series. When asked if she was worried about Him Law’s wife, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), visiting the film set, she responded, “Sure, sorry, I am actually looking forward to seeing Tavia more. She is an outstanding actress. I filmed two series with her sister, Griselda. She is very nice, so I really want Tavia to visit the film set more. We can have more interactions.”

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On whether she will have a lot of intimate scenes with Him Law, Kelly Cheung responded, “There should be because we’re already a couple before midway of the series.” (Will it be awkward if Tavia is on set?) “I believe everyone will understand since we’re all actors.” (On whether there will be sexy scenes?) “I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen any so far. If the storyline calls for it, it’s okay, but I cant compete against Him Law’s nice body.”

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Him Law listens to his wife

Him Law was asked when Tavia Yeung will film again, he said probably not this year. When asked if he was hiding his wife, he laughingly responded, “You think I have that much power? She will arrange her own plans.” On their babymaking plans, Him Law says, “I think she needs to rest for a bit. After getting married, we planned to have children, but later on, I wasn’t in Hong Kong for half a year. So our plan wasn’t executed. This year is better. I can stay in Hong Kong to film for six months.” Reporters then jokingly ask if he is going home to make babies after work, Him Law says, “I have a lot of confidence in my stamina. It’s not an issue.”

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Him Law also expressed he wants to film with Tavia Yeung again. After getting married, they haven’t worked together. When filming “The Hippocratic Crush”, they didn’t reveal they were dating yet. When asked if he is afraid of competing against each other, he says, “She is a Best TV Actress. Her acting skills are still better. It’s worth observing for me.” (You seem to listen to your wife a lot?) “Husbands listening to their wives to a certain extent is a good thing. A women’s 6th sense is very strong. So real estate investments, I trust her judgment.”

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Sammi Cheung cheats on Him Law

Sammi Cheung (張秀文) plays Him Law’s girlfriend in the series. Her character is very materialistic and likes to buy name brands, but lacks taste. She ends up in severe debt. She will even cheat on Him Law’s character and gets busted by Kelly Cheung. This gives room to Him Law and Kelly Cheung getting together. Sammi Cheung is also worried audience members will hate her character because she will pretend to be pitiful and act coquettishly.

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