Kelly Cheung Prefers to Date ABCs, Kelly Cheung: Hong Kong Men Don’t Understand My Jokes

Kelly Cheung TVB Life on the Line

TVB actress and Miss Chinese International, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), has been getting a lot of notice after starring in the TVB anniversary series, “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線).  While the series is about ambulance workers, Kelly Cheung plays a car mechanic and ballet instructor.  She is considered a female lead of the series.  When speaking with, Kelly Cheung says, “I’m most happy about having a lot of scenes with Joe Ma (馬德鐘).  Thinking back, I started filming two, three years ago.  A lot of times I relied on the senior actors to discuss the script with me.  So I have to thank male goddess, Joe Ma for taking the time to help me.  I learned a lot from him.  He doesn’t like people saying he’s teaching.”  

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Since Kelly Cheung joined TVB, she has mostly done more emcee and hosting jobs.  While she is happy with the hosting gigs, she wants to continue developing her acting career.  She also wants to change her Miss Chinese International image of being “classy and reserved.”  She says, “On “Fun Abroad” (3日2夜), I can say whatever I want.  I have a lot of fun and can influence others.  Acting is also something that can influence people.  The producer actually told me he saw my video game live streams and “Fun Abroad” and then decided to have me play the character, “Man (阿Man).”  

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She also shares that she never thought about joining the entertainment industry.  She started out as a model thinking it was fun and allowed her to earn money.  When she joined Miss Chinatown USA, she only treated it as a tool to help her get more modeling jobs.  She never dreamt that she would even win the Miss Chinese International crown.  Kelly Cheung says, “When I won, I was really conflicted.  I didn’t sign with TVB immediately.  I waited about a year until I signed.  I continued being a model because I wasn’t sure if this was suitable.  I don’t really know how to talk about myself.  I thought about going back to the U.S. at that time and being a waitress would still make me happy.  At this moment, I could actually do that and leave anytime if I don’t feel happy with what I am doing.”

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“I don’t need to rely on others.”

Even though Kelly Cheung has only been in the industry for five years, she has been embroiled in many rumors.  Many magazines and tabloids have often labeled her as a gold digger and associated her with rich bachelors.  On these reports, she says, “I don’t know if this a problem with society, but it seems people are prejudiced against women, especially in this industry.  Society seems to think we don’t use our own abilities [to make money].  I actually make more money [than this], so I don’t need to rely on others.”  

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It was reported Kelly Cheung used to make five figures for emcee and hosting jobs, but that number has jumped to seven figures for each gig.  She was even able to buy a luxury car worth over a million HKD.  She expressed that she bought the car herself.  She says, “I actually have car payments.  If someone really gave me car, then I wouldn’t really mind them saying that.  The saddest part is that I used my own hard earned money to buy something I like for myself and people are saying that it was given to me.  Of course, being talked about is still good press, that’s how it is in this industry.”  

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As for an ideal boyfriend, she would prefer someone that grew up overseas with similar culture and family backgrounds.  This would attract her more than money.  She says, “I’ve met local men before.  They don’t understand my jokes.  When they talk about Stephen Chow, I don’t really understand either.  The laughing point is not the same.  There’s no fun in that.” 

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    1. Yes. There are only a handful or maybe two handful of male actors that can tower over here even when she’s wearing heels.

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