Bosco Wong Asked Kelly Cheung to Introduce Foreign Girls to Him

Kelly Cheung Bosco Wong Flying Tiger II TVB

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) were at the airport today flying out to England to film for their series, “Flying Tiger II” (飛虎之雷霆極戰).  The cast will be filming there for eight days and will primarily be about Bosco Wong and Kelly Cheung reuniting as they were childhood friends.  When asked if he’ll have time to meet with foreign girls, Bosco Wong says, “I asked her (Kelly Cheung) to introduce some to me.  She said she has friends over there.  I told her to introduce some friends to me since we’re just trying to meet new people.”  Kelly Cheung says she’ll set up a dinner with some friends to introduce to Bosco Wong.  When asked if he minds having a foreigner girlfriend, Bosco Wong says he doesn’t know English so he’s only trying to make some new friends.  

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When asked if Kelly Cheung would have any romantic encounters, she laughs and says she hasn’t thought about it.  However, Bosco Wong reveals, “She has them everywhere.  I’ve heard of at least three encounters in the taxi.  She would leave her purse, her phone in the taxi.  In Hong Kong, she would be lucky if she can find even find it, but he personally returned it to her at the filming location.  He even told her to be careful in the future.”  Kelly Cheung says this is just them being good samaritans.  Bosco Wong says, “Can you imagine if it was me? If the bag was mine?!  I actually don’t think she needs a boyfriend, she needs an assistant.”

Credit:, Bosco Wong IG, Kelly Cheung IG

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