Christine Kuo Denies Receiving 10 Million HKD Allowance, Spent Wedding Night Picking Up Garbage

Christine Kuo William Lok Glycel Wedding Night

The recently married Mrs. Lok, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), was at a promotional event for skincare brand, Glycel today.  When asked if she has started to cook for her husband, William Lok (陸漢洋), she said she has only made him supplemental drinks for him.  She also reveals she has not started to call him “husband” yet.  In fact the both of them refer to each other’s nicknames, which is “Piggy.”  When asked to grade her husband, Christine Kuo was all smiles and gave him 101 points.  

Christine Kuo and William Lok Tie the Knot in Fairytale Wedding

Christine Kuo Thought Fiancé, William Lok was an Uber Driver

There were reports that Christine Kuo received 10 million HKD in allowance for her to use.  When she learned of this, she was shocked and expressed, “How come I don’t know about this? I have to check my account.”  When reporters ask if it’s more than 10 million dollars, she laughs and says, “Who says? Just treat it as a joke.”  She did reveal that William Lok gave her a credit card to use as allowance, but stressed that she earns her own money too and is an independent woman.” 

Wedding Night Shenanigans

Christine Kuo also revealed some a funny incident that occurred on her wedding night.  She says, “I had already changed into my night gown and had a face mask on.  My wedding hairstyle was still intact.  However, an employee from the hotel called and said there were still garbage needed to be removed from the venue and requested me to clean it up.  I finished cleaning up at 4AM.  However, it was pretty romantic because William is pretty spoiled, but he initiated to help me pick up the garbage.  I know he was also very tired that day taking care of the guests and me, but he was willing to help me so I was pretty touched.”  

Credit: Ming Pao (1, 2), Christine Kuo IG

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