Sheren Tang Responds to Rumors of Her Ignoring Charmaine Sheh Years Ago

Sheren Tang Charmaine Sheh TVB Anniversary Awards Rolling Eyes

Veteran Hong Kong actress, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), was at a promotional event today.  She was asked about the recent comments Charmaine Sheh  (佘詩曼) made on a Chinese show about a TVB actress that ignored her and gave her a stank face at an award show years ago.  Many people have speculated that actress was Sheren Tang due to a picture that seemed to capture Charmaine Sheh giving a nasty look in her direction.

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When Sheren Tang heard of this and was asked if she ever rolled her eyes at Charmaine Sheh, she was a bit taken aback and said, “Let me tell you, I have astigmatism.  I can’t really see that clearly.  I wouldn’t even know if someone was rolling their eyes at me.  So I definitely can’t tell if someone was rolling their eyes at her.  So having astigmatism is pretty good, since I can’t see.  So in the future if you see me not greeting you, don’t mind me because I can’t really see that well.”

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Sheren Tang also reveals her relationship with Charmaine Sheh, “We are actually part of the same alumnae association.  While we haven’t worked together in the past few years, we’ve had some interaction through our alumnae association events.  She has sent me a message to visit a former teacher.  I’ve asked her if she was attending the 80th anniversary of our school and sent her pics.  We’re not that close, but we have a senior/junior alumna relationship.  So the one that rolled their eyes at her is definitely not me, it’s her junior classmate.” 

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When asked if she would ask Charmaine Sheh about the incident, she says, “Of course not, it’s so nosy.  She’s probably not bothered anymore by these gossipy conversations.  It’s the media that keeps bringing this up and causing drama.  She is definitely not the type of person to hold a grudge.”

Credit: Ming PaoSheren Tang Weibo

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