Taiwanese Series “Fated to Love You” Being Remade by China

Fated to Love You China Remake Ethan Ruan Joe Chen

It has been reported China is remaking another popular Taiwanese series, “Fated to Love You” (命中注定我愛你), that brought overnight success to its leads, Ethan Ruan (阮經天), Joe Chen (陳喬恩), and Baron Chen (陳楚河).  Last year, China had already remade “Meter Garden” (流星花園) for the second time.  Recently, remakes by China were also announced for popular Taiwanese series such as “My Lucky Star”, “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog”, and “It Started with a Kiss.”

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Name Changes for Lead Characters

The Chinese version is called “You Are My Destiny,” based on the poster artwork.  It seems the story will take place in Shanghai and other countries.  However, the names of the lead characters are being changed.  For male lead, Ji Cunxi’s character, it has been changed to “Wang Xiyi.”  As for second male lead, Dylan, his name is now transliterated to the Chinese characters, “狄倫” (Di Lun).  Female lead, Chen Xinyi/Elaine is now, “Chen Jiaxin.”  The description of the new series starts with “The male and female leads who originally didn’t have any interaction will find each other again after a mistake romance.  This is their story of being fated together.  The series is set to start filming soon.  

Once the news came out, many netizens were unhappy and left the following comments: “Please don’t ruin my childhood.”,  “Can the screenwriters put in more effort?”, “Can we have a variety show called “China Has Screenwriters” to save China’s screenwriters?”  Some netizens were excited about the news and even listed their ideal actresses to star in the remake such as, Dilraba (迪丽热巴), Yang Zi (杨紫), Gulinazha (古力娜扎), and others.  

Many netizens don’t have high hopes for this remake probably due to their disappointment in the “horrible plot” of the 2018 “Meteor Garden” version, even though the series was a ratings success globally.  In addition, the series has been remade by Korea and Thailand previously.  

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  1. arent the two main going to be liangjie and xingzhaolin.what do u mean people like dilireba,yangmi, and gulinaza??(even though i really like all of the above,but i still like tanchengfufu 坦诚夫妇 better😜)

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