Tsui Wing Would Tell Daughter “Not to Bother” Asking for a Sibling

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TVB actor, Tsui Wing (徐榮), known for his role in the original “Come Home Love” series, was at an event at Tseung Kwan O recently with his wife, son, and daughter.  Tsui Wing’s daughter, nicknamed “Bao Bao,” is getting used to the spotlight as she was feeding her dad and constantly smiling at the cameras.  You might remember Bao Bao as Tsui Wing’s granddaughter/grandniece in “Come Home Love.”

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Happy birthday my sweetheart!😘😘😘

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The family of four recently went to Okinawa to celebrate Bao Bao’s birthday.  When asked if he plans to chase after another sibling for Bao Bao, Tsui Wing laughed and said, “We only had Bao Bao because my son kept asking for a younger sister.”  When he was asked what he would do if Bao Bao requested for a sibling, he jokes and says, “I would tell her don’t bother.  Taking care of children is not easy.  They already have their own thoughts at a young age.  You also have to worry about their education.  If we had another child, I couldn’t handle it.  I would have to retire completely.  My wife already takes care of them full time.”   

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