William Chan and Gulinazha are Oozing with Couple Feels in “Dancing in the Storm”

William Chan and Guli Nazha are Oozing with Couple Feels in "Dancing in the Storm"

William Chan (陳偉霆) and Gulinazha’s (古力娜扎) “Dancing in the Storm” (风暴舞) recently finished filming and the trailer for the series has been released.  William Chan plays a “lonely hero” with a lot of action, gun, and explosion scenes.  What’s special about this series is that William Chan’s original voice will be used instead of dubbing.  We will get to hear his heavy Hong Kong accented Mandarin.  In addition to that, we have Gulinazha as the female lead, making it a win-win in the aesthetics department.  

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Through a series of events, William Chan gets to know Gulinazha, who plays a criminal psychologist.  They interact frequently through work and start to have feelings for each other.  In the trailer, William Chan has a line that says, “Protecting you is the most important.” 

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It is reported William Chan did all the action scenes himself.  He says even though there is a lot of pressure, but he actually enjoyed acting the scenes.  As this is his first time working with Gulinazha, he says, “When I saw the name of the series, I thought it was about dancing.  I know Gulinazha is also very good at dancing.”  

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Watch the trailer below: 

Credit: ETtoday.net, Baidu.com

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