Gulihazha is a BTS and Lee Min Ho Fan Girl

Guli Nazha is a BTS and Lee Min Ho Fan Girl

Just because you’re a gorgeous and famous actress, doesn’t mean you can’t chase after your own idols. Gulinazha (古力娜扎) was invited to the 2019 MAMA ceremony in Nagoya, Japan on December 4th to present an award. Her studio uploaded a vlog of her experience at the awards on December 12. As it turns out, Gulinazha is a BTS fangirl and Lee Min Ho fan girl just like everyone else.

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In the two minute vlog, Gulinazha revealed she woke up at 5 am that day and it took over an hour to get her make up done. When the staff member asked if she was nervous, she responded “Really nervous. Even though my Lee Min Ho didn’t come, but I can see my BTS today. I think…it’s worth it. In fact, I can see the backstage from my dressing room. I just saw them rehearsing right now. Even though I was getting my make up done, once I heard BTS’s song, I just want to spring up and watch. I had no mood to get my make up done.”

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Watch the video here:

Guli Nazha is a BTS and Lee Min Ho Fan Girl

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While Gulinazha was fan girling, it seems she might have gained some new fans too. Korean netizens left a slew of comments about her beauty.

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There were also some netizens on Twitter who expressed their fondness for Gulinazha.

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