Joe Chen Reveals She Hasn’t Dated for 6 Years in “Meeting Mr. Right 2”

Joe Chen Reveals She Hasn't Dated for 6 Years in "Meeting Mr. Right 2"

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen’s (陳喬恩) love life has always been a topic of discussion among the media and netizens. She was last rumored with Taiwanese actor, Roy Chiu (邱澤) back in 2009. Ever since then, she practically hasn’t had any dating rumors. She recently joined the Chinese reality dating show, “Meeting Mr. Right 2” (女儿们的恋爱2). The show released a trailer a few days ago showing a clip of Joe Chen expressing how she hasn’t dated in 6 years due to work.

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In the trailer, Joe Chen is asked how long she hasn’t dated. She replies, “At least 5-6 years.” When asked why, she responds, “Because I haven’t met someone suitable who I can fall in love with. I’ve spent a lot of time on my work. I hope I can find someone who can be with me to the end. I like someone who is studious.”

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Joe Chen also wants to find love. She expresses, “I am 40 already. Shouldn’t I try to find someone to be in a relationship with? Of course my father is already in his 60s and looks very young. But in the end, he probably also wants me to find my other half. I think my father will hope his daughter finds a good home.”

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The show also interviewed Joe Chen’s father. He expressed, “I’ve thought about her getting up there in age. You being unmarried will be very lonely. It’s not good.” Joe Chen’s father also tells her not to take on so many projects and to take some time out to meet some friends. Joe Chen then tells her father, “I came on this show to meet some friends. If not, I wouldn’t have come.”

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However, netizens weren’t too impressed with Joe Chen’s assigned partner when they saw a netizens pictures of them filming for the show. As the other three female guests are already taken, it seems Joe Chen was set up with a non-celebrity.

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