Joe Chen and Alan Chen Choose to be Together in “Meeting Mr. Right 2” Finale

Joe Chen and Alan Chen Choose to be Together in "Meeting Mr. Right 2" Finale

Joe Chen (陳喬恩) joined the reality show, “Meeting Mr. Right 2” (女儿们的恋爱2), where it features four celebrity couples and their fathers’ commentary about their relationships. She is the only single member and was set up by the show to be paired up with Malaysian painter, Alan Chen (曾伟昌). It was the finale episode today and for Joe Chen and Alan Chen they have to decide if they want to be together.

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Before Joe Chen heads out to meet Alan Chen, she expresses, “I didn’t take my relationships to share it in front of the viewers. I think since I’ve already taken this step, I must respect my heart and continue on with each step.” She then musters up the courage and heads out to the bridge to see if Alan Chen will show up.

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As she walks closer, she sees Alan Chen from afar with his hands behind his back. It turns out he was holding a bunch of red roses. At this point, Joe Chen is already teary eyed. Alan Chen goes in to hug her and then says, “Let’s be together.” Joe Chen immediately says, “Alright.” Alan Chen then kisses her forehead. Joe Chen’s father nodded his head to show his approval of this couple.

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Joe Chen and Alan Chen Choose to be Together in "Meeting Mr. Right 2" Finale

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In the backstage interview, Joe Chen is seen with tears rolling down her eyes and says, “Love didn’t give up on me, having a person who can be so brave for me.” Alan Chen then says, “Being with her, it will attract many people’s attention, a lot of people’s comments. I’ve never walked this path before, but I am wiling to overcome it.”

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Joe Chen and Alan Chen Choose to be Together in "Meeting Mr. Right 2" Finale

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Once the episode aired, there were some conflicting comments on the success of this new couple. Some people thought, “This is scripted.”, but there were also fans who said, “It felt like that couple from last season was acting, but this couple doesn’t seem like it to me.”, “Even if it’s scripted, watching them still makes me happy. I still hope Joe Chen can find happiness.”

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  1. Joe Chen is too old and ugly to be with a young man. She will be better off finding a middle aged man, e.g. 44+ . Once married, she should dis-appear from the film industry, trys to be a good wife and mother of her child.

    1. Eu acho melhor vc cuidar da sua vida, ela é linda e parece ser uma pessoa incrível, e são eles que decidem se vão ou não ficar juntos, eles decidem a felicidade deles. Não cabe preconceito aqui.

  2. Love Alan Chen’s attitude towards Joe Chen. Brave and feels so real. Joe, you deserve to be happy. Bugger all those who are commenting. Follow your heart…dont fiss or stress, let loose and allow yourself to feel loved and cared for by someone other than yourself or family. Gove yourself a break sister, Alan is a good start…
    Loving his attitude so far!

    1. She’s to old for him,shame on her,maybe she took him because he is wealthy,for she’s Damm old,she could be he’s mother,or mamasang, he’s father approved right away, he’s wealthy,

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