Joe Chen Celebrates First Valentine’s Day with Alan Chen

Joe Chen Celebrates First Valentine's Day with Alan Chen

Celebrities took the opportunity to show off their lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day pictures with pregnancy, birth, and marriage announcements. Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen (陳喬恩), was no exception. Ever since Joe Chen and Malaysian artist, Alan Chen (曾伟昌), chose to be together on the “Meeting Mr. Right 2” (女儿们的恋爱2) finale, their relationship has been met with a lot of criticisms. Even so, they didn’t let this impact the development of their relationship.

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The two have been showing off their PDA ever since going public with their relationship. Last month, Alan Chen was spotted visiting Joe Chen in Shanghai at her film set.

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The couple took the opportunity to show off pictures from their first Valentine’s Day together. Alan Chen posted a series of pictures and Instagram stories celebrating the holiday with Joe Chen. He added the caption, “Happy Valentines Day Baby! 😘”.

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Happy Valentines Day Baby! 😘

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Joe Chen, who rarely posts anything about her personal life, also shared a picture of her Valentine’s Day on Weibo. Even though she didn’t mention Alan Chen’s name, she posted the same picture from his post with the caption, “To my sunflowers, Happy Valentine’s Day” and tagged her Superchat on Weibo. Joe Chen’s fans are called sunflowers. The fans who weren’t opposed to her relationship, left comments saying, “Seeing your face full of fortune, I am very happy.”, “I am happy as long as you’re happy.”, “You have to be happy.”

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Joe Chen Celebrates First Valentine's Day with Alan Chen

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