Jonathan Wong and Grace Wong Almost Had the Chance to Become a Couple

Grace Wong (王君馨) was recently invited to be a guest on TVB’s “Big Boys Club” (兄弟幫). As it turns out, she and Jonathan Wong (王梓軒), one of the hosts of the show, are really good friends and have known each other over a decade already. Jonathan Wong had invited Grace Wong as his guest as this episode was to reveal each other’s dark past. Who would’ve thought they would reveal to the press that they actually had a chance to become a couple years ago.

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In separate interviews, Grace Wong revealed that years ago before she Jonathan Wong met, a good friend of theirs really wanted to introduce him to her. The friend turned out to be Candice Chiu (趙希洛), who was a contestant in the same Miss Hong Kong pageant. At the time, she had just finished competing in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and Candice Chiu told her she had a good looking and talented male friend that just returned from overseas and was the same age as her.

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Grace Wong shared, “She showed me his picture and I thought he wasn’t bad. We were suppose to start getting to know each other, but that day he was working or something, so we ended up not meeting each other. It seems there wasn’t much fate. So later on, it was his manager’s birthday, Justina. She had a friend at that time that was my senior at college. So we ended up meeting at that party and we were like, ‘Oh you’re that Jonathan. Oh, you’re that Grace?’. That’s how our friendship started.”

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When it came to Jonathan Wong’s side of the story, he explained, “Grace Wong had just come to Hong Kong. Candice Chiu knew I was single and told me to give her a call to take her out on a date. However, my phone was upgrading that day and you know how long it took back then. So I ended up not being able to take any calls that day. My good friend was like why aren’t you picking up calls, it’s really important today. He said he had a pretty girl to introduce to me. He kept sending me pictures, so I told him not to do this. But a year or so later, we met each other at some function and that’s how we became brothers, but we might’ve become a couple once upon a time.”

Credit:, hk01, Jonathan Wong IG

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